Wednesday, November 28

Thanks and Giving

Here are some new pics of the fam, it is getting harder to take a good pic the more kids you have, no one is every looking in the same spot, here is our attempt and I will probably use them in our Chirstmas cards if I ever get around to working on them. We had Thanksgiving at my parents house and were lucky enough to have Brandon's family here to. We blessed Cairo on the Sunday after Thanksgiving so the weekend was packed with family fun. It would have been a lot funner if we were not all sick with this wierd cold. We did not get a chance to do some of the fun things we wanted to becuase it is hard to do with a bunch of sick kids. By the end of the weekend Grandma and Grandpa bradford caught the cold and had to travel back home feeling like crap. So I am thankful for cold medicine and a warm cozy bed. Thanks to all the family and friends that were there for Cairo's blessing. She was fussy during the whole thing becuase she had just woken up and was starving, I did not have time to feed her. Although it was a great day I could not help to think that a part of me was missing. I do not mean to right this to make anyone feel bad but I feel like my other halfs were not there. I greatly missed my lil sis Janae and my best girly friends Jay. With this whole journey through school I have relied on these two girls so much, so I was a little if not all there without them. So I am thankful for them and for thier love and support.

Here is also a chance for you all to check out the new hair. Some say they love it and some say they cannot get use to it, like my Dad, but the funny thing is, is that my natural hair color is very similiar maybe just a tad lighter than what it is now. Thanks to Tristan for fixing my wig.

So my gal pal Carly tagged me with six interesting facts about myslef. Here we go what you may or may not have known about me.

1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a clean house. It is my obsession. I go to bed with a clean house and wake up in the mornign attempting to keep it that way. Dishes in the sink, specs of crumbs, and dirty laundry drive mw nuts. I have even burned up one of the motors in my vacume becuase I used it tooo much. I just live, concentrate, and am happier when my home is tidy and in order.

2. I am kind of a control freak especially when it comes to family finances. I try really hard to keep on top of things. I balance the check book and pay all the bills. The amount of debt we are in from school seriously keeps me awake at night and causes me much stress. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be in a place where I do no financially have to worry.

3. I am a country music lover. It started in highschool, my friends and I were constantly rockin out to our favs, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kenney Chesney, even George Straight. Now I love Carrie Underwoof and Taylor Swift just to name a few. I have decided that I like me kids to listen to Country music rather than some fo the bootylicious music out there. Also when I listen to it, it reminds me of the simple things in life.

4. Wish I was a better mom. I think every mom feels this way. I just feel like I never do enough for me kids. I wish I could find new ways to disipline that work for everyone. I am finding out lately how different personalities my kids do have and that I need to treat them different to in the way I love them and discipline them. Sometimes I wish I did have a clone One to clean one to cook and one that can just be the fun mom that kids to act like a kid - even take naps.

5. I love to cook. I have always loved to eat, trust me people I can eat with the best of them. I have recently though really cared about what I am putting in my body but more importantly what my kids are putting into thier bodies. I think good nutition is so key into living a healthy long life. I am not talking diets but real everyday life good meal planning. This is my new goal.

6. I hate my body, that is right, after three kids things are just not the same. I know people are probably rolling thier eyes because on the outside things look great but if people could see through my eyes maybe things would be different. It is not fun in the morning to take a shower and look at yourself in the mirror and see flabby streeched mark skin, flat buttocks and biggggg bosoms. My body is so not porportioned right. It is very frustrating when you go to get dressed and cannot fit anything in your closet and you refuse to still wear maternity clothes. Brandon and I have made a pat though. We are going to do a 90 day workout system, obviously you can do it for a life time, but the program is set up for a 90 day challenge. It is not so much wieghtloss that I am striving for, it is weight configuration, I want things the way they were, a slimmer waistline, rock hard abs and a nice lifted butt, oh yeah and less flab everywhere. We have agreed that if we have both hit our body goals that we will treat ourselves to an overnight date. We should finish the program close to the time when he graduates so that will be a double bonus.

Anyways here are six facts about me, thanks Carly for the tag and making me post. I am finding it hard to find time. I am not going to tag anyone but if you would like to share, we would love to read.


eliza said...

It was fun to read about you - I feel the same way when I see myself, I'll bet the majority of women do. Good luck with your 90 day program, I love that your husband is doing it with you - I would love it if Brent joined me on something like that.

Mike & Darsi Pound said...

I think you could pull off any hair color you want; I hope it is the same for me next week!...I might chicken out (hope not). I feel the same way about my're not alone! But, regardless of what you think, everyone else thinks you look great. Have fun working out with your hubby :)

Hilary said...

A) I for one LOVE the new hair -- really brings out your face, which I personally think is a good thing, you have great eyes.
B) I am also a financial fa-reak. I will not go into my neroseies here though. And let's not even talk about my cleaning issues. :)

Tristan said...

The fam pics look so good! So cute! Every woman hates their bodies...and having kids makes it harder to get it back to the way it was...good luck on the work outs! Fabulous hair my dear! ;)