Saturday, December 29

Christmas Festivites

Here is a slide show of all the fun activities that went on over the break. We headed out to my parents for Christmas Eve. We ate lots of yummy food, let the kids exchange gifts and then played the pirate game also known as white elephant. The white elephant was nice to us this time, we scored a good mixing bowl, measuring cups and cookie cutters and B got a great flashlight that we kept with my parents since they do not have one and we have two. The giant remote was the best and most stolen gift. Christmas morning was fun. The girls got to unveil all of thier presents from santa and loved ones (thanks to Grandma's and Grandpa's for helping make a great Christmas) We humg out and did absolutely nothing it was great. The next day was my 28th b-day and we went to Country waffles for breakfast and then my mom took me shopping which is birthday tradition. I got all new bedding for my bedroom. B's mom bought us some yummy sheets for Christmas and I got all new bedding to go with it. Later that B and I went out for birthday dessert, it was yummy and way tooo much. The next day I got to cash in on my christmas/birthdya gift from B, he got me an hour deep tissue massage and a mini facial. It was the best. Now we are back at home and I have already taken Christmas down and have started to organise/pack for the big move in about 8 weeks.


Hilary said...

Wah!!! Don't remind us you're moving!!!!
I thought about you lots on your birthday -- while I was at work. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I don't want to think of you moving. Happy Birthday!!

Nette said...

Thanks Nelle. I am in tears because I miss you all. Everyone looks good.