Thursday, December 20

Christmas Wishes

I thought I would post our Christmas card even though I emailed it out to most of the fam and friends, in case I did not get to you do not feel bad it is just that I did not have you in my email list for some reason. Anyways I had fun designing this one although it took what seemed forever with my kids hanging all over me but I loved how it turned out which is rare when I work on something for myself. I designed my lil bro. this year too I will post it below so you can check out my work, Aubrey directed me in what she wanted and I went from there asking her permision of course so in all reality she is the one that designed it.

Hello friends and family, we are going green this year with our
Christmas Cards and trying to save on postage. We are staying in California
for Christmas this year. Brandon is just about done with school and
will officially be a Doctor of Chiropractic come the end of February. He
is officially done with school and testing and is wrapping up his last
clinical requirements. He will be working on his preceptor working
requirements (30 hrs a week) starting the begining of the year and
finishing that up until graduation. He found a DC in Sunnyvale which is close
to home and London's preschool. London is in her second year of
preschool in Ms. Discher's class and loves every bit of it. She played
soccer this year on the shooting stars and learned the game pretty well and
was a rockstar on the field. Sydney started her mommy and me
preschool group and enjoys going to her friends hoiuses for school which just
happen to be all boys. Sydney is a real big sister now that she
is officially potty trained, yeah. Cairo is three months now and
laughing, smiling, grabbing toys and starting to roll over. However she is
stillnot sleeping all the way through the night. I am keeping up with
the bunch somehoe and do finf little quiet moments to relax and
reflect. Brandon and I are excited ans pumped for what the future holds
although we are not exactly sure all the specifics yet. We plan on moving
to Utah after graduation and starting up our own office from scratch
unless something falss into our laps. We are greatful for all of our
blessings especially our three little miracles. We love and appreciate
all that you have done for us. You can always check min on us at
Brandon, Janelle, London, Sydney and Cairo

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