Thursday, February 14

Already 5 months

Wow, time is going by sooo fast, I can not believe that Cairo is already five months old, especially since Michelle had baby Gwam (as Syd calls him), Cairo looks huge. I am not sure on her stats exactly considering she is not due for a check up and we do not own a scale but she is doing some fun things,
- eating cereal for breakfast and dinner (most days just dinner)
- rolling rolling rolling
- scoots herself backwards
- loves to play peek-a-boo
- starting to sit up (with the help of Mr. Boppy)
- takes two sometimes three long naps (if we are home)
- sleeps from 7-8:30 (waking up only once to eat)
- loves to play in the girls room with them, I think she feels cool to be in there with them
- loves her bath time, I said good bye to the baby tub and she takes a bath like a big girl with just a tiny bit of water, she like to roll around in the tub.

Here is a little clip of her in action today in her super jumper and some pics I took of her today, not the best pics, just random shots but I wanted to play around with color adjustments on photoshop, not sure I really like any of them, just playing around. Ignore the singing (no American Idol for me, love this song though)



Tristan said...

Such a prety baby girl! 5 months went by way too fast!

Becky said...

I can't believe what a biggy she is! What's crazy is that you were just about to have Syd when I moved here - and look how big she is. Your family has grown so much over the last few years. I wish I could continue to witness it.. I guess we can still hook up when I visit UT.. right?

Aub said...

Glad that you got the video working. It seems like she should still be this little baby to me too. She is such a good baby though. Luv u Cairo!

Katrice Phipps said...

She's adorable!!!!

Brian & Emily said...

Janelle -- Cairo is absolutely ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL! Those pictures are super fun:)