Friday, February 15


So today the girls were watching a movie while Cairo and I were editing some photos and then London comes over to me and shyly says that she did something on accident and she did not want me to be mad, she said somthing about scissors and cutting somehting half way, I thought she was just talking about a craft she was doing at the table, then I hear Syd crying becuase she cannot get out of her carseat (we had it upstairs becuase it was used to go to a friends houose today, thanks Kara) come to find out London tried to cut Sydney out of her carseat. So I am looking for replacement straps and have had no luck. I have an email into Cosco asking to see if they even sell them. If not I guess I will be buying a new carseat. Has anyone ever replaced thier harness straps before and if so, where did you get them?


Hilary said...

Oh man...
I'm not sure if they sell them.
I do know they tell you to cut the straps when you've had an accident in it, and it's not safe for people to use.
Have you googled it?
You can't be the first one to have this problem.
I have told you about Conner and our curtains, haven't I?

Hilary said...

Hey, call the number though, I've actually had really good customer service when I Call about my car seats (we had a cover that was completely shreded and they send us a new one for free -- very cool).