Tuesday, March 11

Some Fun Things

Here are a few pics since we have arrived out here in the country. While I was at the grocerey store with the two older girls, B was home with Cairo he was rocking her in the front room when he saw this pheasant in the front yard. Now we all now that if he did not have the baby in his hands he probably would have had a gun but instead he snapped this pick.

Finally Sydney is not afraid of the fourwheeler. This girl has been watching from inside everyday while B and London go out and ride. Yesturday B grabbed her and made her ride, if you can see there is a smile on her face. She had fun and is a little proud of herself.

Here are Sydney and Haiden eating Mac n Cheese at my sister's new house.

Sorry ladies I have not emailed you but here was my last goodbye to the gal pals. Thanks to everyone who helped us move it went so fast I think only a couple of hours. The Blanchards and the Shipley's came over and said one last goodbye and hugs and kisses. It was not too emotional since I knew I would see everyone again soon. I do have to say Sunday's in the mother's lounge is not the same, I was all by myself. For those who do not know at church in the Santa Clara Ward everyone is pregnant or has just had a baby so there are lots of conversation about the ins and outs of child bearing and rearing. I did however get a chance to actually listen to the speakers who just so happened to be speaking on Sis. Beck's talk "Mothers who Know" which I loved and needed to hear again and be reminded of my gifts and duties as a mother.

And here are some graduation pics of Dr. Bradford and the fam.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Sydney looks likes Daddy and the girls had fun.

scrumches bunches said...

that comment wasn't anonymous it was me.

Hilary said...

Awh... so glad that you're done with school, even if you left us. We miss you -- but when you live in Utah, you know you'll end-up seeing all of us eventually. :)

JaY said...

Dr Bradford....sounds wonderful! Congratulations B!