Monday, March 10

Our Plans

So we have had lots of phone calls wondering how we are doing and what are plans are next. Since every plan has fallen through with every Chiro we have set up with we are not depending on anyone anymore and are starting out from scratch. We have been busy on the phone and email with banks, state licenisng, realtors etc. to get plans in action. As for where we will be it will be in the Utah Valley, I am not going to be specific for blog privacy purposes but if you are desperate to know you can email me. Of course nothing is set in stone yet until we can go up there and see locations for office space and get our finances in order. Hopefully things will come together in the next couple of weeks and we will have a better idea. Sorry there is still no pics I will try hard tonight to get some up. We were able to spend some time with my Sis. and help her and her fam move into thier new home, love it. I love the layout and the rooms are so big. They also have a great backyard that the girls enjoyed playing in. It was fun to see them again and spend some time together, we even snuck in a Target run and spent some moola on easter shoes for the girls and some new stuff for Nae Nae's house.


Hilary said...

{sigh} I know that wasn't your first choice but life does seem to be shoving you in that direction.
Where in Utah Valley?
Tell me more, tell me more.

Tristan said...

Good luck! I really hope things work out for you guys! Can't wait to see pics!

Nette said...

I am so jealous of the time you spent with Janae. I miss you guys soooooooo much. I will keep you in my prayers. I know what you mean when you say depend on no one. Love ya. We just bought shoes at target too.