Wednesday, March 5

We Made It

We have not fallen off the face of the earth but close enough, we made it to B's parents house after three days of traveling, spending the night at a Hotel and Great Grandma B, Brandon getting lost on the way to the storage unit, only having two hours to unload it (with only two people) finding out the space we were planning on renting from the DC had given it to another Brandon just days before we were able to go down and check it out (what are the odds) so needless to say we are a little bummed, or a lot bummed and are starting from scratch again. I have decided to not get excited anymore and just go with the flow and see what happens. The girls were marvelous during the journey but Sydney keeps asking if we can go home, little does she no we do not have a home!!. We are researching and looking for more opportunities to come our way, we know that our Father in Heaven has something great in store for us. I know that I am supposed to be learning a lesson from all of this, not sure yet what it is, Faith, patience, understanding, probably all of the above. I will try to post some of B's graduation, thanks to all the friends and family that were there to help us celebrate the occasion, we still have not had a chance to just take it all in. I will also try to post some pics of our lovely adventures we will be having out here in the boondocks.


Tristan said...

Glad you made it safely! I really hope you get things figured out soon! Take care out there!

Katrice Phipps said...

Hang in there. It'll all work out!!!

Hilary said...

I fear that patience is what I'm supposed to learn a lot of the time.
Sadly, I just keep having to learn it, and learn it and learn it.
Something will come-up soon.:)

Phillips Six said...

I m glad you guys made it !! I m going with faith and patience. I keep telling HF " ok, ok, I got it", but apparently I havent got it yet !!! Make the best of it, before you know it you will looking back at it !!


Nette said...

Yeah a safe trip!!! I am proud of you Janelle for driving. I hate driving. I know I could probably do it but I hate it. Hang in there and remember we don't have total control of our life but there is someone there to help us through it.

cblack1 said...

Janelle I didn't even know that happened. Keep up you positive out look though. Things alway happen for one reason or another. We love you. Can't wait to play!!!