Tuesday, April 15

Cairo, the inchworm

It is official she is crawling, we hung out with my sister for one weekend and I think Cairo wanted to play with the kids so bad and Kiley was crawling all over Cairo and a few days later I had a little inchworm in my house, she is not all the way up on her knees but she is scooting around (G.I. crawling) all over the place. As if I did not clean like crazy before I am vacuming and sweeping/mopping everyday it seems. She is happier but gets frustrated easily when playing on the floor especially when she can't do what the other girls are doing. She
is 7 months now and had decided not to breastfeed anymore, which is fine except that I still have milk (not enough to keep her happy) so I am pumping and doing formula, half n half. We will see how long this lasts but I really want her to have mommy's milk since it is the best thing for her as far as health wise. She still has no teeth (very weird for Bradford girls to not have a full set by now) and is having trouble sleeping through the night, prabably because of our living situation and not being able to have her own room. Other than that she is our little baby.


Katrice Phipps said...

She's precious!!

Anonymous said...

yea I am so excited go Cairo!!

scrumches bunches said...

Woo Hoo Cairo what a big girl! Janelle she is so adorable I miss you guys and the trips to San Jose.
Looks like her eyes aren't going to turn brown.

Tristan said...

She is darling! Can't believe she is a crawler already!