Tuesday, April 15

Fishing for FHE

For Family Home Evening we took the girls to the fourth resevoir for some fishhin' and campfire dinner. We roasted hotdogs and cooked beans, caught six fish (which we are eating for dinner tonight) and had smores' what could be better. It was such a nice day, which it has not been, so we took advantage of the good weather and went outside. London caught the first fish of the night (like always) she made the boys a little jelous. Once the sun went down, they started biting like crazy and before you knew it everyone who wanted to had caught a fish. The girls came home and crashed!!!


Katrice Phipps said...

I bet those fish were good! Good job London!

scrumches bunches said...

Grandpa is so proud of you London. Looks and sounds like lots of fun.
I am glad that Syd is better now. Happy fish fry or bake.