Tuesday, June 3

Construction Zone

We have had some demo done here at the house, outside that is. We use to have this huge tree stump in the front yard, but that is all gone. It took at least five hours to get the stump out and it left a huge whole in our front yard. It is all filled in now and the side yard and back yards have been tilled and ready for grass to be planted. The Owners of the house even tilled a spot for us to plant a garden so we are going to get to planting today before it rains on us tomorrow. I am so excited to actually have my own garden. The girls get a kick everytime the owner (Rex) comes over to do something at the house because it usually involves some heavy equipmnet. For thier hard work I made some yummy rhubarb oatmeal bars (I had never had rhubarb before or cooked with it but was given some by some friends and it was soooooo yummy). Here is a pic of the fun tractor that spent the day at our house and the remnants of the stump and root.

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