Tuesday, June 3

Loving a small town

So I am really enjoying it here in a small town. For one thing every one goes to church, the owner of the house is in our bishopric, the stake president lives next door and our whole ward is pretty much within a three block distance. Secondly everyone has the greatest gardens not just vegetable but flower gardens, I was given these fresh cut flowers by one of the ladies I visit teach. I have Iris' growing in my front yard I will be sad when they are all bloomed and gone. Third in the summer the school district here feeds any kid under the age of 18 free breakfast and lunch everyday. We eat to early for the free breakfast but it is so nice to just take the kids up there and feed them lunch, London think it is so cool to go to the cafeteria, she is a big girl and does it all by herself. It is great not have to think of what to feed the kids for lunch not to mention the money I am saving. Oh yeah and I pretty much walk everywhere so a tank of gas could litteraly last us all month if we do not go anywhere out of town. Anyways just my thoughts on small town living.


Further The Kingdom said...

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Knight knughts said...

We get free lunches too. I am so glad to see what your life is like in your new place and I am glad that you are happy with it. It is so fun to have such activity in the church around you. We have 3 other families that live on our street that are members.

scrumches bunches said...

Do you remember how many ward members lived in the housing developement when we first moved here and Wed. was mormon day at the pool, you may have been to little to remember. I am so glad that you are enjoying the small home town feeling and how safe you must feel.

Tristan said...

Janelle, will you go to Heaven? Do you read your bible?


Gotta love that spam!

So glad to hear you are happy and doing well in your new place.

My Mom got her shirts the other day and she loves them! So thank you!

Katrice Phipps said...

You're lucky. I wish I could walk everywhere!! Gas is KILLING me!!

cblack1 said...

Oh my goodness Janelle you better repent or you are going to hell. That is so funny. Hey Amen to small towns i love them. Just to comment on the pic. There was a sun spot on the carpet and I just angled the camera that way and then I changed it to black and white. The sun did it. not me.