Tuesday, July 15

4th of July

I know I am playing catch up with my blogger posts. Here is what we did for the 4th. The girls had a blast at the morning parade, catching candy and seeing all the fun floats. Grandpa Bradford and Daddy took the girls around to the booths while I sat at my ModBod Booth selling shirts and the Grandmas took Cairo home for a nap. Later that night we headed down to the park to get our groove on, and listen to the live band play before the fireworks began. There is a little stage in front of the band and ever since Janae and I have started going to Blanding for the 4th we are always the first ones to get on the dance floor and start dancing with our kids and such, this year we started off the festivities again but by the time the sun had gone down there were so many people dancing that we had to go and sit down or we would have lost our kids. Here are some fun pics.

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