Tuesday, July 15

Mammoth Parade

Along with all the fun festivities of the week we also did some work. I thought it would be a great idea to be in the parade (after all it is free advertising) I did not realise how hard it would be to do with three little kids and a husband who worked all week. How I wish we had some grandparents close to watch the kids. I did however pawn them off on some good friends here, Thanks guys for taking our kids. Not only did we do the parade but we set up an information booth for Nephi Chiropractic Clinic and I sold shirts for Mod Bod. The first day was kind of a bum day did not sale to many shirts and did not have that many responses for Chiropractic and I sold half of my shirts and booked a party. The second day, thanks to the ad in the paper and the float we had lots and lots of people come and talk to us and give lots of feedback, overall we were happy with how things went and exhauseted from the weekend.


cblack1 said...

How exciting the float looks great. I am so glad things are going so well. Nephi looks like a great town to be in. Ilove Utah. Go Dr. Bradford

Knight knughts said...

Yeah we love parades. I am so glad that you are this close to being up and running. Mom has told me so much of what you are having to do to get ready. I am glad we are passed that stage. good Luck in Nephi

scrumches bunches said...

Yeah! Go Dr. Bradford how exciting to hear all your hard work being recognized over a loud speaker for everyone to hear I like that kind of advertising.