Tuesday, July 15

The Rodeo

As tradition goes here in the summer you have to atend the rodeo, I have never been to a rodeo so it was fun for me. It started with a skydiver parachuting into the stadium with a huge American flag. Then the show started. Sydney loved the rodeo clown and had to know where he was at all times. London liked sitting on evryones lap and all the yummy treats she got spoiled with. There were even fireworks before the big bull riding show, Thnanks to the Bailey's for einviting us and showing us such a good time.


cblack1 said...

When Iwatch these I think. Dad would love this kind of stuff

scrumches bunches said...

Looks like alot of fun and seems like everyone enjoyed it. I think when I do come visit I will have the problem that I have when ever my relatives from Arkansas would come and visit my southern drawl will automatically kick in because of the atmosphere.