Monday, August 11

Mommy Daughter campout

Our Ward hosted a mother daughter overnight campout at Misty River Resort. So I loaded us all up and we took off for an adventure. When we got to the resort (it is on the Sevier River) we unloaded into our cabin, changed clothes and headed out to float the river. We took a little walk (ran into some fireants) and then ploppedon in the river. I had a double tube that held, me Cairo and Sydney and London rode with a friends. It was a great little treck down the river. When we were all done we changed into our cozy's had dinner, listened to some great stories and music by some lovely ladies from our Ward. Then some people went home and others stayed for a campfire and to sleep overnight. Cairo went to bed and the two oldest ones and I made smores and enjoyed eachother and others that were there singing campfire song, which we are still singing today all day. It was a blast and I thank my girls for spending time with me and being so good.

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Anonymous said...

that looks like so much fun. I am so glad that their are things like that for you to do. I'm glad the girls had fun and were good for you.