Monday, August 11

Taking a Breather

We have been so busy working on the office that we needed a little break. After church and after Brandon's Parents left, we headed out on a drive up the Mt. Nebo Loop. We ended up here at a place called Devil's Kitchen it is the craziest place. You are surrounded by lush rocky and green mountains and then there are these red rocky pillars on the side of the mountain. We headed up a little further and check out the Mt. Nebo overlook, this mountain is huge, it is the highest peak 11,000 high or so on the Wasatch Mountains. Below is a little video clip of our landscape that is just minutes away form our house. We decided to be little more andventurous and go off roading. We found a rode and took it, needless to say two more hours later and we were home, we drove through the mountain, although it took all afternoon, it was great to be outside, see some wildlife and tons of wildflowers, and breathe the fresh mountain air.

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Anonymous said...

isn't it so fun that just a little way's away their are all these adventures to be had. I love it here!!!