Saturday, September 27

Busy Busy Busy

It seems like I am always catching up these days. We have been busy at home at school at work and at play. Between Kindergarten, preschool, dance, gymnastics, church and the office, I am elasta girl with one limb at each place. Here is the rundown on things lately. The girls started gymnastics, they are in the same class and it is cute to see them help eachother out and cheer eachtoher on. I am teaching a small dance class with the girls friends, (just like I did with London and the cutie girls) this time we are called the lil starz, since we have a boy in our class I did not want to be tooo girly. London is loving school and we had our first fieldtrip to the Big Red Barn, we strolled throught he pumpkin path and had apple donuts. I was glad I was able to go and thanks to Lori for watching my other two. I am officially emplyed at the Nephi Chiropractic Clinic, Brandon thought after all of my hardwork, I might as well be getting paid for it. So I got my official paycheck (I do do payroll so it was kind of weird writing out my own check but at the same time rewarding) last week, we decided my money is going straight into savings, since these days it is lacking just a lil bit. Sydney is Sydney and is giving me such a hard time lately, I just hand her over to her dad, unless she wants to go shopping with me she is such a good shopper. Cairo, well I explain her below so keep reading. Brandon is super busy, he is averaging about 20-25 patient visits a day for the time being, we set goals every week in our staff mtg. We shoot for 7 new patients a week. We did it this last week, and if everyone keeps thier apts. on monday we will meet our qouta for the week in one day, we are really excited how business has been going and we have only had our doors open for two months. I can only hope that it continues to do so well. On the homefront, well what is that, it seems like with everything going on we are hardly here. We did however finally have to speek in church I am going to post our talks or should I say program for you tomorrow, I am exhuasted and need to hit the hay. Hope this got us all caught up for a while.


Tristan said...

So happy that things are going well for you guys!!

Abby said...

Jeremy had a blast as well. I forgot my camera though. Nuts.

Anonymous said...

Janaelle your going to kill me but I accedently earased my blog design. I'm sorry!!!!