Wednesday, November 19

Great Christmas Gift - Celine Tickets

My sis. got great Celine Dion Tickets last year for Christmas well the concert is just now aproaching a whole year later and was cancelled and rescheduled for February anyone interested becuase she is not able to go and does not want good tickets to go to waste they are for sale for $700.00 and are going to go on ebay soon so if you want them let me know or leave her a coment here.

As far as my list I think I am doing good, I get things checked off and then add a few more so it is just as long, but at least I am slowly getting things done, although for some reason there is always laundry and dishes. I did however give a big chunck of my stress away to my Accountant today, this frees up lots of time worrying when I will have time to reconcile my accounts so thank you to Mr. Accountant you are my lifesaver for the moment.

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Abby said...

That is usually how lists go. Check off one thing add two more. My family got tickets to Celine, but since it is on Sunday we won't be going either. I second accountants. Matt is the accountant of the family so I never have to worry about money or budgeting. It does help relieve stress. Hope things keep going well.