Sunday, November 16

My Blogging as of Late

I used to be the best blogger, every day if not twice a day, what happened, who knows, sort of like the rest of my life so I thought I would post all the things I need to get done and maybe they will and maybe then I will have time to post

Kiss my kids goodnight
Finish the 5 piles of laundry in the basement
Finish the pile of dishes in the sink (my biggest request for Christmas is a portable dishwasher for this old house, it will save me hours a day)
Clean, Clean, Clean
Mop floors
Go through the girls clothes
Finish coreographing the girls dance routine
Teach Dance
Go through the stack of mail in my Computer Cabinet
Check my finances
Balance the check book
Pay the bills
Make Sids ABC book for Christmas
Publish London's book for Christmas
Make 5 more tile boards for Christmas
Make the girls Magnet Boards for Christmas
Finish my Christmas Shopping for the Girls and B, everyone else is done
Re upholster my rocking chair
Make a paddedseat for my hope chest
Design the new add for the office for December - Give the Gift of Health
Print and Mail out the marketing letter for December for the Office - Health Passes
Get the finances/books in order for the end of the year for the Accountant
Make a grocery list
Search and clip coupons for my list
Go to walmart and price match everything with two - three kids
Get my visiting teaching done
Call Jay
Fill out paperwork for a home loan (we are looking into buying but are hitting a few road blocks - owning our own business, we are so new that no one would probably be willing to loan to us)
Check out more land/home opportunities
Kiss my husband when he gets home
and on and on and on
I could probably keep going but I won't for your sake and mine, let's see how good I do this week.


Abby said...

It is only going to get busier with the holidays. But you are doing great with all that you have on your plate.

Knight knughts said...

Nelle I love the list it sounds a lot like mine. You's be surprised at qualifying for a home loan. We did it.

JaY said...

Yeah, I don't even want to write the things I need to get done down, unless someone else is going to complete the tasks. Too stressful. Hope you have enough time in your day to spend with those beautiful girls of yours. Give them kisses from JaY. Love you. Try to take it easy.

Kristin said...

Although your list seems long, you still manage to stay sain and get everything done....I envy you friend! I actually think making a list is helpful but for some reason I always migrate to getting things done that are not on my list...Why is that? haha