Friday, December 5

Keeping Busy

So on with the list, I will not post another one but I have been checking things off. I have been busy with Christmas Cards, designing for family and making a little profit from friends and strangers. I am in desperate need to post on nelle'snonsense and give the site a complete makeover. I am also working on a blog for our Chiropractic office until we can get our website in tip top shape. Business is good and are digging in deep to get through the holiday season and rought economy. Plans to buy a house are on hold party becuase the Holiday season and partly becuase we are such new business owners, Banks will not lend to us without 2 years tax returns, anyone have advice on a loopwhole for us. Christmas will be great this year though, I am done shopping just a few craft/sewing projects left for the girls, personalised books and painting smocks. Anyway just giving an update. I plan on posting our Christmas Card/Letter tonight that is if we can get our tree and trim it today.

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Abby said...

I love the holidays. It is a little tougher this year (with the economy) especially with little kids, but it will be great. Keep checking things off, but don't forget to blog. :)