Thursday, December 11

Merrry Christmas

Here it is, our Card for the year. I have been busy designing cards for people this year, I have a good friend who takes pics and she has referred a few people to me and then the fam and some close friends, I am working on updating nellesnonse to be more user friendly and to get some of my new designs up. If anyone is interested let me know, I love doing Christmas cards and baby announcements, but will virtually do anything. Here is a little about our family this last year.
Brandon officially graduated from Palmer Chiropractic in February, we moved two days after graduation. The move was not exactly what we had planned, a lot of our business pursuits fell through. This left us in Blanding for a few months doing some serious research and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. We then decided to open our own practice in Nephi, UT. It has been lots of work (finding a building, construction, painting, supplies, hiring a CA, setting up software, advertising, marketing ...) but so far it is paying off, we are so happy here. Dr. Bradford spends most of his days at the office doing what he has always wanted, helping others. It is so great when he comes home and tells of a patient he was able to help, it is so rewarding. On his days off, you can find him hanging out with his girls, up in the Canyon fly fishing, watching football, studying patients' cases and doing research or up at the High School helping the Juab Wasp basketball team. Nephi Chiropractic Clinic officially opened in August of this year. It is amazing to think of how quickly things came together, we have been open for almost five months.
London started Kindergarten and is too big for her britches. She has been writing for a while but she is now reading and acutally writing stories. In fact for Christmas she will have her first book published. She titled it "All The Stories You Can Imagine". She is a character and most of the time gives me a hard time. I have to remind myself that she is me. When I do I can enjoy her spirit a little more and have a little more patience. She is such a good friend and social butterfly. When we are tat the basketball games all she can do is talk you ear off about who is who, she know more people than Brandon and I do.
Sydney started Preschool this year. She is in a class with a lot of her good friends from church wich made the transition a lot easier. She also is taking a small dance class (taught by me, but hey at least I can teach them the basics) she has really enjoyed having somehting for her while London is at school. She loves to help around the house and is so kind to her sisters. She is graduating from Nurserey this year and will officially be a sunbeam come the New Year.
Cairo is crazy. She turned one this year. She too loves to dance but is a little reluctant to talk. Although she completely understands things she either nods her head or grunts a full conversation and we just go with it because right now it is easier. I am sure she will be talking our ears of before we know it and will be begging for it to stop. She loves pets and is absolutely in love with our stray cat Lia who has adopted us. Cairo stands at the kitchen window and meows at her cat.
As for me I am somwhere in the middle of it all trying to keep it all going. If I am not cooking or cleaning or playing with the kids at home I am in the office doing paperwork and keeping track of our finances and patient accounts. If I am not at the office I can be found on the computer designing advertisements and marketing layouts for the office. In my spare time if I can find some I indulge in designing and doing photography for others. Although I have not had any training I find joy in the art form. I love working with pregnant women and babies, not to fond of portrait shots, love candids. I am not saying that I am good or a pro and most of my work has been for close family and friends but It is something that brings me peace and a form of expression.
We hope this holiday season brings joy to many of you. We pray that the true spirit of Christmas might find it into your hearts and into your homes this year. We have left so many great friends and family when we moved and miss everyone dearly. We are greatful for the new friends we have made and for those who have litterally taken us under thier wings. We hope our relationships with all of you will continue to grow in love and friendship. Happy Holidays.
The Bradford Bunch


Carly said...

Cute, love it. You are so great at what you do Janelle (everything including ALL your job titles ha, ha). Maybe some day Farrah and I can drive down and visit you guys.

Katrice Phipps said...

Merry Christmas, we miss you guys!!

Knight knughts said...

Very Beautiful. Take care of yourself Nelle. And Love those girlies for me.