Wednesday, February 25

Getting Ready For Summer

Yes, I finally saw the sun yesturday and was able to take my kids to the park. And when I walked London to the bus stop today it was not freezing cold and the sun was peaking through the mountains. This got me thinking of the months to come. Sun dresses for the girls, pool days....... Oh no pool days. As much as I love them I am not ready (my body that is) I know I know I am not allowed to complain about my body becuase I can still fit in a size 5 jeans but what people do not see from the outside is that mommy roll that hangs out of my jeans, the fact that my but and boobs are at least two inches from where they use to be and for some reason although there is not a lot of fat I have celulite in places that can be seen in a bathing suit. So I am not ready for summer but I am vowed to get there. I worked out this morning. I had to get a little creative with my cardio but it was fun and it worked. Here is what I did and ate hopefully it will inspire you to get ready for summer. I pray that the snow and clouds will stay a way for a while. I like the sounds of birds chirping in the morning.

Breakfast: Banana, plain yougurt (I like the Dannon brand, and yes it is plain, not nonfat or low fat, usually that is an advertising gimick and is usually loaded with stuff that is more health harmful to you)and granola.

Warm Up: Remember thos pogo balls from when we are kids, they are a great cardio warm up. I jumped for 15 minutes intesifying the warm up with High jumps.

Cardio Workout: We are fortunate to won a Cross Bow workout system ( A gift I bought my husband before we had kids and we are finally using it) it has the capability to act as a row machine so I rowed for 20 min intensifying the workout with increased weight.

Strengthening: I worked on my abs since that is my primary target area, I have a Core Ball and did around 200 sit ups varying the workout with upper and lower abdominals depending where I placed my body on the ball, also added a little weight with Ms. C on my lap (an extra 20 pounds)

Cool down: A little stretch combined with some simple Yoga moves.

It is now snack time at my house, with the little ones so I chose apples and penut butter to snack on, give me some protein, energy and yes a little fat but who ever said it was bad? Hope this inspires you to get ready for Summer, I would love to hear your creative workouts, It gets boring and mundane after a while doing the same thing and with trying to save money these days who can afford a gym membership. Let me know what you do.


Katrice Phipps said...

I do the treadmill, jumping jacks, crunches. I get bored, so I turn on the music & dance for about 30 min. my kids totally make fun of me!!!

Carly said...

I totally agree with the droopy body ha, ha. My stomach/abs have always been my best asset, until now. Yipes! Oh, and I won't even get started on the non-existant assets up top. My problem is finding time to do any exercise. I really need to create some sort of daily schedule and stick to it. Good luck!

ArleeFaye said...

A great lower body workout is to do squats when you have to pick something up!! Such as the kids!! or stuff off the floor!! Way to be so motivated!! By the way...LOVE the new page

Aub said...

Love the new page.

Emily said...

Great to be inspired and get ideas for myself too! Keep it up. We miss you!