Wednesday, February 25

Scrap That

I am in charge of the layout this month for our scrapbooking group. Here is what I came up with in honor of the month of February. I love how it turned out, I just need to journal on it, which I have such a hard time doing becuae i hate my hand writing and can never find the right pen that I want. Anyways, I am getting ready to go and give this layout to the lady's and help them put it together and maybe work on another project while I am there.

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scrumches bunches said...

Very cute Janelle. Just to let you know Auntie Janis made GG a scrapbook for Christmas and she added the pics that the girls made for her so any time that you or the girls want to send a page we can add it or start a new one, they leave her book out on the coffee table where she lives and she can look at all the time.