Thursday, February 26

What I got accomplished today...

Today was one of those crazy days. I had high hope for an afternoon workout but unfortunately that still has not happened. I am feeling under the weather, I think my body is trying to either get an ear infection or strep (to find out how I am fighting it off look below) I have however stayed on the health wagon as far as food goes (my menu is below, and the only reason why I am listing what I eat is becuae everyone always asks or remarks at how small I am) I did however take color samples down to our new office ( it is beautiful Mr. Jones is doing a great job) I will try to take some pics and post them of our work in progress. I did pick up paper work to see how much we qualify for a home ( it took me pretty much the rest of the day finding numbers and looking through our tax returns and making compies) but I got it done and saved all the information so if we go through a different company or for in the future I do not have to do all the digging that I did today. I did my girls hair today which is done on a rare ocassion. I started dinner and then I am out to play with my kids because greatfully the sun is still shining.

Menu for the day
Breakfast: whole wheat pancakes, syrup ( cheapo brans which we normally do not do but I have yet to find a great pure maple syrup since we move to UT, so if anyone knows one let me know ) and a small glass of OJ
Lunch: Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with Tomato soup
Dinner: Shredded Chicken bacon wraps (lettuce, tomato, cheese and a dab of dressing)
Snacks: Apples & ritz crackers

To fight off this lovely cold that is trying so badly to attack my body:
  • Lots of sleep at night
  • 4 0z Body Balance ( it is a liquid vitamin supplement we have been using for over a year now, if you want to learn more click on Body Balance)
  • A spray of Zicam in the mouth
  • 80z water and a packet of Emergen C (or airborne, we are just out right now)
  • Cut back on my sugar sweets for the day (no chocolate or sweet drinks)
  • For my ear pain I put three drops of olive oil in my ear last night and was able to sleep pain free and do not have it as bad today (plan on doing it again tonight)
  • Treated by Dr. B
  • And have been rubbing my throat muscles on my right side where I am feeling the ear/throat pain to help it drain and relieve pressure

What do you do when you are sick, let me know. I am interested in finding new stuff!!!

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