Wednesday, March 4


I have not posted in a few days simply becuase it was then end of a month and the start of a new which means lots of real work for me (Office Manager). Here is my task list for Dr. B's office these last few days

  • Reconcile bank accounts in quickbooks for the end of the month (check for errors)

  • Design advertisement for the month of March (our local paper here runs once a week and is a decent price to advertise in especially if I run the same ad all month)

  • Payroll

  • Patient Birthday cards (I actually love doing these, I hope our patients appreciate them, I send out a personal note of thanks and a birthday wish)

  • Order supplies for the new office with our new information on it.

  • Thinking of great stuff to put on our website (for now it is a blogspot, still working out kinks with I am going to launch the blog when we get into our new office.

At home I have been working really hard to save money so I have been working on a budget and searching for coupons, healthy recipes, so my homework for tonight is make my list and head to the store tomorrow to stock up (food storage) and to get at least a week and half of groceries. Still working out the kinks on finding a home (uggghhhhhhhhhhhh)

Butttt with all this work there is still time to be greatfull. My lil sis always posts gratitude on her blog. Today I am greatful for Preschool, Playdates and naptime. Somehow today it all happened at the same time and I was able to get lots of work done from home without taking time away from my kids. Thank goodness for great teachers, friends, and cozy blankets and binkis that give mom a little needed break.


Katrice Phipps said...

I wish you guys were here. Amanda needs a sports physical.

JaY said...

Shout out to Dr B!!! He looks so official. Miss you guys something fierce!

Jensen Family said...

Hey Janelle-
I have a great website that coordinates coupons and the sales at the grocery stores to give you max savings. The websites free no strings attached. It's saved me a ton on my grocery bill. Just let me know if you're interested.
Emily (Brandon's cousin)

Scott said...

I love the gratitude thing. My list just always gets too long and I can't ever narrow it down. I should try just so people know I am grateful for things in my life. You have done great work on the blogs and the advertising for your businesses. Keep up the great work.

Scott said...

the last comment is Nette. I didn't realize Scott was logged in.

Anonymous said...

hey Janelle I am always greatful for preschool playdates and naps. If we didnt have them nothing would get done