Thursday, February 5

Cairo and her B's

Here is where you can usually Find Cairo in the afternoon, although she does take a nap I do not think it is ever long enough becuause she has to have a moment with her binky and blanket, she will carry it around and then she will just all of a sudden plop to the floor and roll around with it, like she needs a quick fix. I try to keep her blanket and binky in her bed (slowly winging it from her, hopefully to only bedtime before March, that is when she is old enought to go to the nursery at church and no binky or blanket aloud, my rules) Somehow she get it out of there either by reaching her little hands through the bars and grabbing it or convincing her older sisters to get it for her.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Hey at least she is resourceful and can problem solve, even if it means convincing a sister to grab her b.