Wednesday, March 18

Girls Update

Cairo--- is silly as ever, not really saying to many more words but understands everything and somehow communicates what she needs to us. She lovvvvves being outside. Here are some pics of a warm Sunday afternoon we had.

Sydney--- well is coming into her own. She is becoming more adventrurous and outgoing, my favorite part of the day is when I pick her up from school, she runs out with the biggest smile on her face ( I will try to capture a pic today) She loves her class and having the time all to herself with her own friends. She is very clever and mischivious. She is getting very excited for girl baseball (T-ball)

London--- Is a challenge in a good way (on most days) She entered a fine arts contest in Painting and Photography (she did not win but loved participating) She does not want to ride the school bus anymore ( I think there were some older girls that were teasing her, I gave her the tools to work it out and try try to build her self confidence but she chose not to ride the bus for now, who knows it might change tomorrow) This week it has been a challenge even getting her to want to go to school or do homework (this girl is to dang smart and I think she may be bored at school, parent teacher conferences are in a couple weeks so I am definately going to bring it up, we may be attending a charter school next year the downside is that it is in another town so that would mean taxi driving all day) Here are some pics of her being creative and hard at play


Katrice Phipps said...

They are all so cute & getting so big!!

scrumches bunches said...

I wanna play! I am glad that you guys are getting some warmer weather.

Aub said...

Love the garden and that the girls are so involved. Great pictures of the girls!

JaY said...

Such cutie girls. Can't believe Cairo's curls. What a pretty baby. Miss you all.

Hilary said...

OMG, I can't believe how big they are!
BTW, Conner's teacher fully admits he's bored. And he goes to one of the most challenging schools around. She does some challenge work, but I've told him it's his job to realize that part of life isn't going to stretch us to our fullest, and it's our job to work around that. Sad about the girls teasing, but it's good to learn to stand-up for yourself. :)