Tuesday, March 24

Yeah Vacation Getaway...

Uncle Tyson (Notice his toes, how far they hang over the board)

Nelle and Dr. B photo op

Grandma and Grandpa B

Cute pic if my kids hair was actually done

Scary family pic

Aunt Nik

Catchin my ride back up

I wa sore for a few day, I have not worked those muscles in so long, it did not help that Nikki and I went for a little run (turned into a walk) later that night


Hangin out at the Cabin

The view from the back porch

The girls favorite while we were there

Sweet Cairo, notice no goopy eye, I think our clogged tear duct is finally unclogged

Unfortunately we are worse off than we left. You would think that a little time away would be good for you but somehow everytime we take some time Usually Dr. B ends up sick as was the case this time. We went to Bear Lake and stayed in a wonderful Cabin (thanks to the Allen Family) We had a great place to chillax and play. We had good food and family to entertain, a great game of hearts and fun filled day in the snow ---well for some of us. Unfortunately my dear Dr. B ended up with a slight conusion which onet a lovely flu/cold that we are still dealing with. The girls had tons of fun and did not want to leave, they had thier own room and were so brave going down the huge hill all by themselves (but together) Cairo even went couple of times with mom and dad. I was nervous but excited to go snowboarding, I have not done it in about ten years. I remembered how not that I was good anyways and even got up the nerves to be pulled behind the snowmobile ( I have a video but I cannot get my fire wire to work with my camera so I will have to try somthing else) here are some pics of our adventures in and out of the cabin and the awesome view of the sunrise. Sidenote here, we wanted to take a family picture but by the time we did, the kids were thrashed (hair not done) Dr. B looks like he is going to die Tyson was sunburned and I had absolutely no makeup on and a little sunburn myslef but at least we have the pic and the memories to go with it.


Aub said...

Fun! Can't wait until i can finally go learn to snowboard. maybe Jan. 2010?

scrumches bunches said...

Looks like fun, sorry Brandon hope that your head feels better. Looks like a very fun place. Love the pics of the girls.

cblack1 said...

so fun I feel bad that B isn't feeling well. Hopefully you can get through the sickness

Amy said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! I just love all the pics of them. Also, if I looked as good as you do without make up I would never bother putting it on :). Looks like such a fun trip (minus the getting sick part).