Wednesday, April 1

Been a little Busy....

It is the end of another month already which means busy time for me, not to mention my family has been sick for the last two weeks.
Work: I am closing up the books for this month in the office today and trying to get our stats done by fri. We are trying to move most of our stuff to our new office. Finalising Mod Bod Orders and Getting subjects to finish up my Photography Potfolio.

Home: At home I have been able to keep up with the dishes and the laudry and on top of the vacuming and deep cleaning so I feel like I am accomplishing something.

Other: On the side I am working on new headers for both my blogs and getting ready to launch Dr. B's blog for the office, there is a lot of info I still need to put on (the design is boring but it is an office, and I was not being inspired) I am getting ready to move into my new house (Not anytime soon, do not even have on yet but it will come soon) so I am preparing for a garage sale to make enough money to put towards a new washer and dryer. In the process I have decided that I have way tooooo much baby stuff and clothes so I will sell some of it and most of the clothes I am turning into 3 twin size bed quilts so I am cutting and preparing the fabric to start makin 12 inch block patchwork squares to (3 of each) to start assembling ( I will try to post pictures as I go).

Garden: Now for an update on our Garden here you go, a month into planitng seeds and this is what we have. I need to transplant the pees into a bigger pots so the roots can keep growing so I can place them outside in another months. We still have peas, pumpkins and beets, everything else died becuase i have not had time to transplant, so we will be starting some new seed pods.
The Girls: Had a blast on the one day we had sun (it snowed the next day) They had fun jumping on the tramp, playing with the dogs, (syd is not afraid of the dogs anymore as you can see she played with Gus for ever with the frisbee) and London helped Grandpa Rex mow the lawns on his riding lawnmower.


Aub said...

I can't believe how much the seeds have grown. It doesn't seem like it's been that long.

scrumches bunches said...

Your plants look very strong and healthy. I love Cairo's hair she is so adorable. Way to go Sid you are becoming quite the little animal lover.

Lorien said...

Hey your welcome to use Addi as a "subject" for your photography portfolio. I know I can so do it myself, but babies are not my thing. I feel like I am quite horrible at taking baby pictures! Anyway, I want to see your portfolio when you are done with it. Check out my blog for the quick picture you snapped- it turned out adorable! Even if we didn't match and I had no makeup on! Thanks!