Monday, April 6

Pics of the New Office

Here are some pics of our new office. We went on Sat to check on the progress and they were finishing up the carpet. We will have 1 physio room, 2 treatment rooms, exam/x-ray room, Dr. B and extra staff (me) private offices and then our waiting room and our CA/file room oh yeah and our x-ray processing and storage room. We are excited for the new move this week and for continuing our service and continuing our growth.
Entrance Into Our Office Waiting Room
CA/File Room

Waiting Area

Physio Therapy Room

Treatment Room 1


Knight knughts said...

Looks great guys. I am glad that you are needing a new office. That must mean that business is good.

Emily said...

That is so exciting! I'll need to get details when we get together!

scrumches bunches said...

Looks great how exciting Way to go Dr.B and staff Janelle. We are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

so nice. I love the waiting room area. Good luck with everything this weekend

Aub said...

Check it out! It looks great and once you put your decorative spin on it it will be fabulous. Keep up the good work.