Tuesday, April 14

Easter Celebration

Our Easter Celebration consisted of waking up to Bunny tracks all over the place, even on or beds and in the bathtub. The girls followed the tracks until they came across thier Easter baskets full of candy, lil twirping chicks and thier new T-ball gloves (we are very excited for girl baseball as Syd calls it) We then had breakfast and got ready for church while we hid the eggs outside and then let the girls go to town finding them. It was a hit and the girls were good about taking Cai around to find some.

We spent Monday night a week ago for FHE (Family Home Evening) dyine our eggs. The older girls knew just what to do, Cai on the other hand it was a first and she had lots of fun splashing the eggs in and then stirring them up splashing the colors everywhere. It was fun and took a whole 10 min.


scrumches bunches said...

Fun pictures, I love the one of Brandon and Cairo and Cairo and her basket.

JaY said...

Love those girls. Can't believe Cairo's curls. Love the pic of Syd with her pointy chin. London, you are getting crazy big. Love you girlys hope to see you soon.

Aub said...

What a fun Easter weekend! Syd's hair is getting so long. Great shots in the post below.