Tuesday, April 21

Photography Class Week 1

Shallow Depth (low Aperature)
Shallow Depth (low Aperature)

Time Freeze (fast shutter speed, low Aperature)

Depth (high Aperature)

Shallow Depth (low Aperature)

Depth (High Aperature)

So I had a littl homework assignment for my photo class I am taking from Veronica Reeve. She is amazing. Anyways she gave us some work to do to get comfortable with working our Manual settings. I have to say I feel more comfortable using the settings, and doubt I will switch back to automatic. I like knowing I have control over what I am gettig and get the result I want. I shot all of my pictures in the middle of the day, which for most photographers is not an ideal setting but I wanted to get practice at doing it in case I ever had to. My kids were let's say less than cooperative and I refuse to ask them to take anymore and will probably have somebody else take thier pictures if I ever need them to. I can not wait to get to work for others than my own family. I cannot wait to see what I am going to learn this week. I did however have a hard time using some of my white balance settings, it seemed when I used them that it did not really make a difference. Here are my assignments.


Emily said...

It is great to have it all make sense right? Can't wait to hear/see more...

Carly said...

looking good Janelle! I didn't realize you had already started. You in for the girls' weekend?

JaY said...

So when do you get a new fancy camera with all the gadgets? Lookin' good! Miss you. Not sure about the girls weekend, but will chat at ya about that later.

Hilary said...

I don't ever do anything with white balance in the camera. I do it all post production. For me, it was too hard to get it right in the situation while having to think about the other stuff too. However, I have lightroom and it really makes white balance a breeze.

Kristin said...

I am excited to hear that you are taking a photography class....that is fantastic! You have such a talent & a good eye for this kind of thing.....love ya! xoxo