Wednesday, April 29

Sorry to family who keeps checking on us...

A little apology to family and friends who keep checking in on us and there is no news. I have been super busy like always with all my many jobs. Right now I am really focusing on Mod Bod orders ( I have a party every few weeks so if anyone needs anything I am always putting in orders, just email me or if you want to host a party to earn free clothes email me) and my Photography. I took a few classes to learn lots more on how to get a great photo. I have to say that I am becoming very picky and take time to set up a picture to make sure everything is just right (lighting is a big thing for me now) I hve yet a lot to learn but the only way to do it is to keep working so I will be launching Nelle'd nonsense, photography by Janelle Bradford you can check out my shoots at my other blog I have been doing a few practice shoots but will start charging introductory prices begining in May.
As for the family, school is almost out, we are in our new office and things are going well. The girls softball starts soon, London is turning 6 soon and B will be 30. We are escaping for the weekend to celebrate with some family. I get to hang out with my sis for a little bit and take her families pics. Stay tuned I will try to be better at posting.

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