Saturday, May 9

B's B-day

Dead Cradad

So glad to be at the resevoir

just before we left Syd wanted to play with the hose, if I would have kept the camera rolling I would hav got a shot of her in tears because she had soaked herself.

Here is C's innocent face after eating a penut butter cookie Gpa
brought home from the college graduation

B Celebrated his big 3-o last week. We headed out of town for the weekend to try and get some R and R and do what he wanted (FISH) so we headed to Gma and Gpa B's house. B and his dad went out and fly fishing Fri morning. Then Fri eve we all went out (well we had to go by two Barbie and 1 Dora fishing poles so we could keep a set and GG's house) and had a cookout/fishing adventure. B had fun fly fishing, the girls had fun fishing but mostly throwing rocks, I had a blast taking pics and playing with lighting and Gma and Gpa helped rangle the girls. Here are pics of our great family night, steaks, smores and all. The next day B and I were supposed to go and escape but it poured rain all day. So we hung out at home, all took naps, then Gma and Gpa took the girls to the dino museum while B and I headed back out to do more fishing. Well the Fish cops were out so I could not get my lesson of fly fishing in but I still put on my waders and took my camera and got in with B to document one of his favorite hobbies. Here are some pics from the weekend. Happy B-day B.


Alison said...

Hubby is adorable - and your girls are just TOO MUCH!!! My son is 14 and I think I am ready for baby number 2... LOL

JaY said...

I actually had to read the caption to figure out of the kid with the hose was syd or lundi. Then the pic of innocent Cai looks a lot like sydney used to. I miss my girls.