Saturday, May 9


The girls have been waiting for this moment since about two months ago when I mentioned it was a possibility. Syd could not wait for girls baseball to start (although she is still to young to play I lied on her application sheet, I did not know you had to be 4 until after I told her she could play so do I become a liar in my child's eyes or do I lie to let her play?) Well we got all geared up in our matching practice clothes even matching bubba gump hats from our last adventure in CA with Gma and Gpa P, jumped on our bikes (C rode in the jogging stroller) and off we went to practice picking up some friends/teamates on the way. When we got to practice London was so excited becuase one of her girlfriends from her K class is on her team. Syd on the other hand, well she was Syd, very timid and in tears. She sat on the bench for most of practice, London encouraged her a few times to come join in and Iwas able to snap one happy pic of her at practice(thanks for being a great big sis) and then to our suprise our Daddy took a break from work and showed up to practice Syd's face lit up and she began to come more around to the idea of having a Guy (another daddy) be her coach so at the end of practice I ran the bases with her. I am hoping I made a good choice to let her play and hopefully she will come around. We have another practice next week and then games start. London loves it she is actually old enough to learn the skills of the game.

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scrumches bunches said...

I want to be on the team, can I play?