Monday, October 19

Fall Fun

We escaped for the weekend. We headed down to Blanding for some much needed fun. We got there late Thursday night. Friday we took the girls to the park and out to lunch and then I took off to Farmington to visit with Janae and to do some photo shoots. Thanks to Grandma Lisa for watching the girls so B and I could take off in seperate directions, while I was visiting Janae and the girls B and Dennis headd out to the mountain for opening day of the deer hunt. While at Janae's I got to help her out (her kids were sick) I did a photo shoot Friday night (check out my latest photo shoots here althugh it may take me a couple days to get the new ones on) and then we had a late night with some of her friends and ate pizza and did some scrapbooking till 1 in the morning. Then we woke up to do another photo shoot. We came home and did our fall canning, peaches and we made applesauce and even threw in a peach crisp. Laikyn and I headed out to Target to spend some well earned money and pick up lunch for all of us girls. We ate and the Black girls went down for naps Janae included and I headed back to Blanding to play in the leaves with my girls. The boys had a great day on the mountain but did not get a chance to shoot at anything. We all made it home safe and sound on Sunday. Thaks to everyone for the great Fall Break.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Janelle for this weekend it was so nice to have you all to my1self and have help with the girls. Thank

scrumches bunches said...

Great pics Janelle, I am so glad for you and Janae to be able to have some sister time. I miss my sister Brenda although we do talk on the phone at least once a week.And I do miss my girls alot but I am very proud of you girls you are all wonderful mothers,homemakers and wives.