Sunday, October 25

More Fall Fun

Last week at preschool, Sydney and her class went on a Hay ride through a small farm here in town and the family was kind enough to let all the kids have sugar pumpkin and an apple before heading back to the preschool. Along with the pumpkin Mrs. Jenny put in a recipe for pumpkin pie from scratch. I had never done it before but Sydney really wanted to do it so we did. We scooped out the guts and seeds, cut up the pumpkin, baked it, pureed it and added the spices put it in a pie crut and baked it. It took so long to bake that she fell asleep before she could even have some. She did try it the next day but was not a fan, so needless to say I have been eating a whole pumpkin pie by myself for a week.

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scrumches bunches said...

I want some pie, Syd you are getting so big.