Saturday, November 21

Our New Baby

Here is our new Baby. We have been looking since we moved into our new house, planning on getting the girls a puppy for christmas and it turns out they are getting one for Thanksgiving instead. We named her abby, partly becuase that was B's dog's name growing up and partly because every time we would ask Cairo what she wanted to name the pup she would say Abby so ther you have it. She is 9 weeks old and a weimaraner. She will become a big dog but for now she is small and oh so fun. We are potty training her and she is doing pretty well. Sydney is having some allergic reactions but so far it is under control. Merry Chirstmas at Thanksgiving.


scrumches bunches said...

Riley says that he likes the name of the puppy. I think she is very cute and looks oh so fun I can't wait to meet her and play with her. Have a safe trip to Blanding and tell everyone we said Happy Thanksgiving. Give our love to all.

Aub said...

Oh so cute! I'm sure london is having a ton of fun with her. My cousin has two of those dogs and they are great. Hope that sydney gets over her allergic reaction. That's never fun. Have a great thanksgiving!

Kristin said...

Okay, so I just adore your new puppy! She is super cute! What type of dog is she? Her colorings is beautiful...Good find!