Monday, November 2

Trick or Cheer

For our Halloween fun we headed out to the church for the annual Trunk or Treat festivities (if you are unfamiliar with this everyone parks with thier truns to the sidewalk and pop open the trunk, then kids walk from car to car to pick up thier treats, it is a fun and safe and fast way to get the job done.) Then we delivered some of our cupcake treats around. When we got home it was dark and the girls had just as much fun handing out candy than going around and getting it. They were waiting at the window for trick or treaters to come and then they would count how many they had and give the update to B and I who were enjoying a nice night at home with our girls.


scrumches bunches said...

Very cute cheerleaders I want them on my team. i have got to visit soon Iam missing to much and Cairo probably doesn't remembers us.

Anonymous said...

Super cute Nelle I love that cioro is part of the crowd.

Aub said...

Super cute cheerleaders! Why the Broncos? B's favorite team? Cairo is getting so big. It's crazy!