Thursday, January 21

Getting Through the Day

For some reason we cannot wake up in the mornig at our house. London has to be at school by 8:15 and Syd at 8:30 and Brandon usually has his first patient around 8:15. Well lately we have been waking up at 7:30. Now you tell me how you get five people ready by 8:00 to be out the door. All I can say is that it is a good thing we live in a small town and it only takes two minutes to get anywhere. But it throws off my whole day and attitude. I was determined to wake up this morning make eggs and bacon for breakfast the whole bit not yell at me kids etc. Instead I rolled out of bed washed my makeup off from the night before poored three bowls of cereal for the girls rushed them to eat yelled at them to get dressed, brush thier teeth, shoes and socks and manage to brush through the ratty hair to get a pony tail sign off homework pile in the car and make our daily drop offs. So after everyone was where they should be a took a deep breath went home and set up a circuit work out (situps and push up using yoga ball, pullups using pull up bar, sqats and lunges with free wieghts, tricep dips on bench and jump rope, repeated three times) for twenty minutes. Jumped in the shower and tried to figure out how to get throught the rest of my crazy day so that it was not so crazy. I decided on a crock pot dinner since I will be in the office until about 6 tonight. Ck Cacciatore is for dinner tonight. After going to the grocerey store yesturday ( I only spent $88 for the week) I cut up all the veggies I bought so that we have pre made snack handy and ready to go ( no more wondering what we have for snack or eating crap out of a box)


the good thing about it is that my kids love to eat thier fruits and veggies so why not have them ready for them to just grab instead of not having time to peel and cut everytime they want something. Another challenge today well this weekend is to potty train Cairo. She totally understands just refuses to actually do it, so I am refusing her the opportunity to wear diapers. So far she has had two accidents today one while I am posting this and she hates being wet so hopefully today is the start of no diapers for our house.


Right now is my calm before the storm. I have about 1 more hour before I have to get London from school, take the car in to get a safety inspection on it, drop girls off at play date, go to work for a couple of hours pick girls up and head back to the office until we are done tonight, return home to my yummy crockpot dinner, bathe kids, do homework and then hand the kids over to B because I am going back to the office tonight to get a massage!!! Yeah!!


Angie said...

I look at your blog every now and then, if you go private, I'd love to be on your list. Your post made me smile, because that sounded so much like my own day, and lack of actually completing my resolutions. Resolution #1, quit yelling at my kids, which usually happens because we weren't prepared enough in the morning. #2 Make breakfast, because the reality is that I could do it every morning and just don't because I really don't want to get out of bed a minute before I HAVE to. Good to know even Super Mom (which you are) has these issues.

scrumches bunches said...

I am exhausted just reading about your day, however it sounds somewhat familiar when I reflect on the past when you were little except I didn't have to work in the office. You are doing a great job just make sure you take care of yourself amid the routine.

Kristin said...

I just love hearing about your day. Sounds just as crazy as my days...although, crockpot cooking is super easy and super fun and I LOVE having mine. I just got one for Christmas....Your girls are absolutely beautiful and I just enjoy hearing about what they are getting themselves into these days! Love & miss my little Bradford family! xoxo

Emily said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Even if you don't feel like it, you truly are. Lock yourself in the bathroom with an US Weekly for 10 min. and breathe.