Monday, January 25

Staying on Track

So how many of you have already fallen off the Resolution Wagon? I made a general resolute to just do better and I think I am sticking to it, you can't really go wrong for trying right? So my task today is to get my finances in order. I am trying to get things figured out in the office for our Tax guy and when I do this it usually means overhaul on the filing. So now I am at home trying to figure out how I can keep better track of my finances, when things are due, what we can cut out of our budget, finance rates, How much to pay on what credit card to get my balances down faster etc. It is giving me a monster headache but I know if I get organised then I will be ok and be able to handle the bills when they come. Does any one have any sugestions or advice on the matter?

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Bre said...

I know this is a little late, but I am just getting caught up on blogs :) Always pay the most on your highest interest card and the minimums on the rest. Knock them out one by one. I use my Outlook calendar to keep track of when things are due and assign them to the paycheck that they fall under. I make adjustments where needed. You may have already gotten a system figured out, but maybe some of this helps. :)