Wednesday, February 16

Perks of Being Under the weather

To explain this picture... I have not been feeling well this last week, especially over the weekend C and I were bed ridden with a lovely flu/cold. As great as my family is they were trying to help around the house to cook, clean and take care of Mommy. I knew that on Sunday night Sydney was washing dishes she usually does this she likes to rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher (she like to make me happy) The next morning I noticed the dishwasher was full so I put the soap in it and turned it on..... This is what I found coming out of the dishwasher a few minutes later. I just figured that syd had washed the dishes a little too much leaving some soap on them, but after some digging around and question answering turns out Cairo was helping and just poured some of the liquid soap in the dishwasher. It actually put a smile on my face. Although I had to rinse the dishes about 10 times on the rinse cycle and scoop out some of the soap bubbles. I was happy that my dishes were soooooooo ckean.


Hilary said...

I had a roomate once who put straight palmolive in the dishwasher. No good.

scrumches bunches said...

Just trying to help Mom we have to be thankful for the effort, at least they want to help.