Tuesday, May 29

Memorial Day

We spent our Memorial day around the pool. My sister and her family came down Sunday night and the girls attempted to have a slumber party. We put the crib back up for the new babe and stuck Haiden in it with a bunch of blankets since I do not have my 3rd crib mattress(yes who has three crib mattresses)We tucked them all in bed and put a movie on so I had to capture the moment. We spent Monday hanging out all together and then went down to the pool to let the kids burn some energy and the adults to catch some rays. I had to post this pick of my niece Haiden, it was her first time wearing floaties and her butt just kept plopping up out of the water. She got the hang of it, and all the girlies were exhauseted by the time the night was over. We were sad that there were not fireworks from Great America, we usually watch them out our balcony.

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Aub said...

The slumber party looks like fun! The story of Haiden is hilarious!