Saturday, April 5

Testimony Builder

I happened to click on my friend Emily's blog and found this there is a great movie clip of pictures of Christ's life. These pics were great and hold so much emotion. There were so many feelings I had as a looked at them and thought of the Saviors' life. I can not really pic a fovorite picture but felt a since of peace as I saw Mary holding her infant son, joy as Christ hugs John the Baptist after being baptised, hubleness if it is such a word and gratitude when I saw the pic of Christ in the Garden of Gesthemane, sadness when they held Christ's body after it was taken off the cross and great Hope when it shows the reserected Christ. I love little testimony builders like this. I am so gratefull for the life of the Savior and for my understanding of the plan of salvation (happiness). I am interested in what your favorite pics are, if you have one, post a comment.


Mike & Emily said...

You said it much better than me! It really was a great moment to feel peace and the spirit.

On the page where you are posting, there is a symbol that looks like a link or chain. Highlight the word you want to back link, and click on the chain thing, then a window will pop up where you can enter the url.
Not sure if any of that made sense, but good luck. Hope to see you guys soon!

cblack1 said...

Wow thanks for sharing that Janelle it was great.